¿Are you tired of mounting LEDs and resistors on a protoboard? It is surprising how often it has to be done, and how much space it use. Well, this small module is the answer. No more cables and resistors filling the protoboard!

It’s the size of a DIP16 chip (only half an inch square) with 8 LEDs and their resistors. Ideal for use with your Arduino board, Launchpad, etc… and can even connect directly to the headers with a single ground wire on the common cathode connection.

Technical specifications

Color Green Orange/Amber Red
Size 20 × 10 × 11 mm ( DIP16 )
LED size 3.2 mm × 1.6 mm ( SMD 1206 )
Wavelength 568 nm 605 nm 630 nm
Fwd Voltage 2,1 V 2,1 V 1,95 V
Resistors 1K Ohm
I @ 5V ~3 mA ~3 mA ~3 mA
I @ 3V3 ~1,5 mA ~1,5 mA ~1,5 mA


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